Pink Floyd Signs of Life A Momentary Lapse of Reason live (Audio only)

"Signs of Life"

(A Momentary Lapse of Reason - Live)

The album that sounds better live than in studio 

01. Signs of Life
02. Learning to Fly  
03. Dogs of War      
04. One Slip          
05. On the Turning Away  
06. Yet Another Movie          [7:11]
07. A New Machine (pt.1)     [1:49]
08. Terminal Frost                [6:42]
09. A New Machine (pt.2)     [0:40]
10. Sorrow (+soundscape)  [12:33]

->Total play time:       1:02:50

Note on sources and edits:

01. Signs Of Life

* Soundscape:    Versailles Draft 1 (June 21, 1988)
* Intro:    Miami Soundboard (November 1, 1987)
* Rest of song:    Official video (POTW DVD-022)
* Audience:    Official CD & "Philadelphia Rec. 2 master"
        (September 19, 1987)

02. Learning To Fly

* Intro:     Official CD "Delicate Sound of Tunder"
* End solo #1:    Miami Soundboard (November 1, 1987)
* End solo #2:    Would You Buy a Ticket to This Show
        (HHO DVD-003 / Atlanta, November 3-5, 1987)
* End solo #3:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder"
NB:    I could not decide which of the 3 final solos
    by Tim Renwick on the different sources to
    preserve, so I spliced them all together. 
    It's not perfect, but it sounds nice and makes
    an interesting LtF.

03. Dogs Of War

* Dogs effects:    Miami Soundboard (November 1, 1987)
* Rest of song:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder"

04. One Slip

* Intro:     Miami Soundboard (November 1, 1987)
* More intro:     Would You Buy a Ticket to This Show
        (HHO DVD-003 / Atlanta, November 3-5, 1987)
* Rest of song:    Official video (POTW DVD-022)

05. On The Turning Away

* First part:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder"
* Second part:    "Complete Thunder" (MQR-011)
NB:    MQR used the official audio CD mixed with the official video release to restore a complete (longer) audio edit.  However, the official releases have some details that distract from the listening experience and that MQR preserved. To clean the beginning in this version I erased dozens of clicks and pops, and also erased or toned down some very obnoxious whistlings, plus made some other minor fixes.

NOTE:    "On The Turning Away" is a powerful experience live, and as such I chose to leave plenty of audience space after it to allow time to process it properly before "Yet Another Movie" begins.  This also should mimic the pause between the original sides of the LP album.

06. Yet Another Movie/Round and Around

* All from:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder"

07. A New Machine (part 1)

* All from:    Would You Buy a Ticket to This Show
        (HHO DVD-003 / Atlanta, November 3-5, 1987)

08. Terminal Frost

* All from:    "Complete Thunder" (MQR-011)

09. A New Machine (part 2)

* All from:    Would You Buy a Ticket to This Show
        (HHO DVD-003 / Atlanta, November 3-5, 1987)

10. Sorrow

* All from:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder"
* End audience:    Official CD "Delicate Sound of Thunder" 
        "Philadelphia Rec. 2 master" (September 19, 1987)
* Soundscape:    Versailles Draft1 (June 21, 1988)

I've always liked this album, and because I loved AMLoR so much, and because I liked a lot the live performances of its songs, for several years I wanted to have an edition of the AMLoR songs as if it had been played live on a single continous set in the correct order as a special presentation.

There was a release in 2008 called "Momentarily Lapsing" made by FOS (FOS-CDR-002) which used non-official sources for their edit of the same concept of AMLoR live. Actually I didn't knew of  their work until I was very advanced into my own project. And since my approach was very different, I continued working on mine.  And the result is very different as well. Unlike them, I took a lot of liberties and experimented heavily to get a more even sound, and a better flow of the songs while also preserving the "live" concept as much as possible.

Since the idea was to present a contemporary sound, only official and bootleg recordings from the 1987-1988 tour were used. Everything here is Pink Floyd of that era. There aren't any non-Floyd sounds, or recordings from other years.

Sound processing was applied to the soundboard recordings that had lower sound quality. Audience sounds taken from the official CD and from "Philadelphia" audience recording were used throughout this mix in several places to restore the "live" feel and to better reflect the people's reactions as it can be heard in several live recordings available from the 1987-1989 tour.

The edition work also included to take care of the transitions between songs, volume correction in several places to have a more pleasant listening experience, and also to bring back what was lost in "Thunder" but can be heard clearly on bootlegs. Some equalization to boost the bass and treble frequencies, and several other minor fixes were made in key points.  Not a single song was
left intact. All were modified one way or another. Only if you decide to get into the job of comparing each song to the source it came from you will be able to find the differences.

The end result is a mixture of "Thunder" tracks interspersed with other good-sounding tracks from other sources (see edition notes) all edited together to get a different product. It may not be completelty perfect (after all, this was made domestically). And quite certainly not a piece for purists, remasters haters, or
so-called "real Floyd" followers.

But I'm sure people who loved the AMLoR album will appreciate this edition. And will enjoy a good hour of the Pink Floyd album that sounds much better live than in studio.

If you've listened to some audience recordings, are familiar with "Thunder" or the 1987 soundboards, or if you happen to have  the FOS's rendition, just prepare your ears for a completely new experience that takes AMLoR live to a whole new level. 

I made this mainly for a selfish reason. Because of that, and also because this edition contains a great deal of official material, it is not intended for sharing, trade or sale.

October 2017

(yes, I made this compilation back in 2017).

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Muy Muy Guay!! buena sincronizaçiòn de verdad! El video esta muy bueno, soy muy fan de Floyd y A Momentary lapse of reason y esa tour me flipan, me gusta de todo de ellos, pero la gira 87.90 para mi es todo!! Tengo echo Slides n videos de esa gira, tengo varios Soundboards y mezclo conciertos enteros! Nuevas versiones del Delicate dvd, etc...por exenplo Atlanta con el sonido de Miami soundboard encanta hacerlo, pero lo hago en el retrasado Windows movie maker, creo q hay mejores aplicaciones! Me gustaria conpartir estas cositas q hago contigo y saber se te ha molado o no...
Como puedo bajar este video Signs of life y el audio? A ver puedo pillar lo concierto entero de Paris Bercy 89, del angulo de camara lateral, no es el de dia 1.7.89, es el 28, el dia 1.7.89 la camara esta adelante del escenario, Colchon tiene para descargarlo, lo de dia 28, lo que tienes en el video? En youtube no le pillo...
te voy a poner un link de youtube para que desfrutes de cositas que he echo!

Saludos de Bilbao! pero soy portugues